BTS’ Jung Kook Held A Live Session After His Performance at FIFA World Cup, Talked About His Experience & Answered Fan Questions

“BTS’ Jung Kook held a live session on Weverse where he talked about his experience in Qatar and performing at the event. Jung Kook made history as the first Korean act to perform at the FIFA World Cup. His performance of “Dreamers” the official world cup sound track was outstanding, the world watched, fans watched and his fellow BTS members shared their own experiences watching Jung Kook perform on their TVs

His Weverse Live chat

🐰honestly.. i can’t say i was satisfied.. but i’m glad i didn’t make any mistakes and it went well.. thanks to you guys i got strength.. but anyway i finished it well and came

🐰also our members also cheered me on, thank you so much!

🐰 thank you for saying you’re proud of me

🐰 you’re asking if it’s delicious? yes it’s delicious!

🐰 was my performance okay? honestly i couldn’t do the monitoring..
🐰 tbh i couldn’t hear my voice as well as in the rehearsal..
🐰 reads comment “you did f*cking well” thank you 😆

🐰 since i haven’t really grown my hair that long so i do want to grow it a bit long.. i’ll grow it and see if i want to keep it!

🐰 the fascinating thing about the water here is that it dries off / evaporates quickly. so after i shower and put essence in and dry it with a dryer it dries super fast

🐰 i learned the choreography when i came here. and the chorus part i learned the day before

🐰 i was able to adjust to the time difference well because on the way here i slept 10 hours

🐰 ah i also met the players from korea.. honestly i was a little nervous to meet them.. more than the performance

🐰 i told them that “i hope you guys get the results as much as you have practiced!” and came back.. they also gave me a shirt/uniform

🐰 then guys I’ll do it until here! I’m honestly hungry 😆
🐰 please give a lots of interest to Dreamers!
🐰 bye~~~!

Transalations by @miiniyoongs/twitter and @BTStranslation_/twitter


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