ARMY Twitter In Meltdown Over Revelation Of BTS SUGA’s New Black Cats, Hilarious Reactions

“BTS ARMYs are going through a whip lash right now. The have been experiencing Jung Kook’s amazing performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup and now it turns out that SUGA allegedly adopted 2 black cats. The whole revelation comes from SUGA’s own Instagram post where he shared pictures of Jung Kook performing that he was watching on his TV. I feel like ARMYs can pretty much solve any murder mystery together easily because of the miniscule details that they are always unearthing.

Nothing ever goes past ARMYs, NOTHING! Their detective skills to notice such small details that would have otherwise gone unnoticed is just too incredible..

They even found the particular shirt that SUGA was wearing that matches the snippet of the picture on the post


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