Pharrell Williams Replied To an ARMYs Question About His Collaboration With BTS, His Answer Leaves More Questions & Has Led to Theories

“Ever since it was revealed that BTS would collaborate with mega artist and producer Pharrell Williams fans have patiently waited for the music/ song to be released. Pharrell and BTS met for the first time in 2018 during the Billboard Music Awards where BTS performed. RM and Pharrell talked about that encounter in their Rolling Stone interview with each other. An ARMY (BTS fandom name) asked and tagged Pharrell asking him when their collaboration will drop. Pharrell responded with a picture of a house on fire with no caption or context. Another fan replied under the tweet with a fireman putting out the fire on the house with the caption,

“solved ur problem for u now tell us please 🎤”

and another has connected the theoretical dots. The user shared a picture of RM at a museum looking at orange-colored art, with the caption,


The question was asked…

And Pharrell answered…

Someone did solve Pharrell’s problem of the burning house

And then some are connecting the dots, Pharrell’s burning orange house to RM’s art gallery, museum visit with orange paintings

The reactions though

“you can’t just leave us hanging i need a date i need more information”

“He’s obviously not dropping before Joon’s album drops, he’s not gonna do his brother like that”

“Got a reply from someone who breathe in the same room as Joon, you is lucky 😭👍”


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