HYBE Artists Who’ve Done RUN BTS! TikTok Challenge Have Their Songs Posted By BTS’ RM On His Instagram, ARMYs Have a Few Questions

“Something is definitely cooking in the Bangtan (BTS) kitchen! bts release their RUN BTS! dance practice and solo after following it up with a TikTok Challenge where j-hopes did a solo challenge and Jimin and SUGAR did the challenge together. Earlier on several artists under HYBE took part in the “RUN BTS!” TikTok Challenge. A few minutes ago, RM shared songs from those artists who have done the choreography.

Well, theories and questions are already being asked, “WHAT IS GOING ON” currently trending as fans are wondering what is happening. It could just be RM wanting to support their labels artists With a shout out. But, with BTS you never know what they are planning to release, nothing is ever done “just because” things always connect in the end so we wait and see. Maybe a HYBE RUN BTS! remix?


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