BTS’ Jin Will Have A Small Park Dedicated To Him As ARMYs Plant 10 Horse Chestnut Trees To Honor Him

“BTS’ giving spirit has always translated to the fans giving not only to people through projects but to the environment as well. In honour of BTS’ Jin 10 horse chestnut trees were planted for the “Jin Forest” in Hangang park by ARMYs an Korea Environmental Federation. a representative said “until the day he safely returns, we hope this park can be a space where fans that love and miss Jin can go” Twitter user @Jinforest_1204 posted the picture of the location with the caption, “Completed construction of Seokjin Forest Road🌳 “Seokjin Forest Road” in Yeouido Hangang Park has been completed! From the signboard of JIN FOREST Walk all the way along the 10 stone dust trees 🙂 There are 4 benches on both sides of the forest road and hanging from each tree. We have a surprise gift” the project was made possible by fans who donated.

Jin is the first member of BTS to head for his military and this will be a perfect place the fans can visit as they wait for his return


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