The Most Wholesome Raw Reaction To BTS Being Nominated for The 2023 GRAMMYs

“BTS have just been nominated for the 66th GRAMMY Awards. This is their third year being nominated. They have been nominated as “Pop Duo/Group Performance”, “Yet To Come” Best Music Video and BTS are featured artist in Coldplay’s Music of The Spheres which is nominated for ” Album of The Year” with j-hope, RM & SUGA mentioned as Songwriters. ARMYs are celebrating the nominations and the reactions are varied. This year has been a truly eventful one. This one tweet has the most wholesome, raw reaction to the nomination news. The twitter user wrote,

“armys have gone through so many stages of grief this year that the grammy nomination doesn’t even have us blinking”

The statement reads true as the year 2023 has had many events happening that came with lots of reaction and emotions. BTS announced they were releasing a new album after almost 2 years. They did, “Proof” was an anthology album that collected some of BTS’ best songs and 3 new songs. Soon after, when they had their 2022 FESTA, they talked about taking a break and focusing on solo projects. The news that was spread was misinterpreted to with media even going as far as saying they were disbanding. Many fans were broken up about the whole issue. RM and Jung Kook clarified that they break was just from their usual group activities.

Later on it was announced that j-hope was releasing his solo album nd be headlining in Lollapalooza. “Jack in The Box” by j-hope was released breaking several records. BTS held their first free concert in Busan.

Jin announced during the concert that he will be releasing his first solo album with the single “Astronaut” being released at the end of October. He released the song which broke several records.

HYBE announced that the members will be going to military and will be back together again in 2025 with Jin starting off at the end of the year

Jung Kook will be part of the opening ceremony for the FIFA World Cup 2022. He has left for Qatar to prepare for the event

RM announced he will be releasing his firs ever full solo album in December 2nd

We have had several collaborations, Left and RightCharlie Puth feat Jung Kook, That That PSY feat SUGA, Rush HourCrush feat. j-hope and Sexy NUKUM Balming Tiger feat RM.

It has been a whiplash of a year, with ARMY going through all the 5 stages of grief.

Reactions to that comment are as real as they can be

“after 17th october the world would be ending and i would be like FINALLY THIS IS IT. bro i’m more sad about seokjins hair that i would be about anything in life right now. i’m just mourning wootteo deciding to leave us as seokjin leaves us the world cannot get more cruel”

“no srsly like i didn’t even know they were today”

“we’ve survived multiple “hello. this is bighit music.” notifs im not even moving rn”

“swear i got trauma from these notifications”

“I had 0 expectations but i have to say i was surprised and pissed that they get 2 nominations when they are on a hiatus”

“whats the worse? snub? faced worse in span of 6 months”

“Personally, this nom is a stage of grief too.. Just because of our song’s meaning, nom is breaking my heart once again.. So proud of my Bangtanies..”

“Really to be honest. If it was 2 years ago I was like OMG FUCKING GOD BTS GRAMMY NOM!! but now after what grammy did to bts its not the same. Iam really happy for BTS bc they deserve it”

“I’m happy for them but I think it’s less likely than last two times for them to win, since Jin will be away for military I don’t think they’ll perform and they can’t be used for views then so. Happy for them but won’t get my hopes up too much”

“Then i remembered that seokjin won’t be at the ceremony with his family and favourite band 😔😔”

fr i saw the news and it just did not move me at all 😭 it wasnt until like 4 hrs later that i properly processed everything 😭”

“they’ve been through soo much this year and worked so hard for these songs and the mvs they definitely deserve the awards:((“

“this has to be my most personal tweet”

“This years been rough for us but good job and congrats for the noms”

“I’m not even kidding, I opened Joon’s story and realised it’s today. And legit just saw it like an insta ad or something. I’m not disregarding the boys’ work in any shape or form,I’m disregarding 🐍scammy”

“Nothing excites me anymore, until it’s BTS and my closed ones. I will be earnestly happy when I see our Seven angels together with us on 2025.”


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