BTS RM’s Announced Title for His Upcoming Solo Album, Here’s What Its Called & Release Dates

“Indigo” that’s the title for BTS’ RM’s new first full solo album. BIGHIT Music made the annoucement on their Weverse platform. RM’s new album will be filled with his candid thoughts, emotions and it features various artists. RM revealed on his Weverse post that he has been working on it since 2019. Four years of hard work, blood sweat and tears have gone into the album, so we know it is going to be a masterpiece. The album will drop on 2nd December 2022. The statement read


We are excited to announce that RM, the leader of BTS, is preparing
to release his first official solo album.

RM has already given fans an honest look into his world through two
Mixtapes. Through Indigo, RM delivers his candid thoughts and feelings and showcases a wide-ranging music through collaborations with various artists. We hope everyone’s excited about RM’s latest release!

Pre-orders: 11 AM, Tuesday, November 15, 2022 (KST)
Release: 2 PM, Friday, December 2, 2022 (KST)

Thank you.


RM excitedly shared the news on Weverse and on his instagram page. On Weverse

Hello, Finally. My 1st album will be releasing thanks to everyone. I worked hard on it for the past 4 years.. ㅜ The image is a mood cut, not the jacket cover. It will be very different from my past projects, and a lot of fun friends are gathered in it. Please wish me well until December 2 💜💙❤” RM

On Instagram he wrote,

“I’ve been working hard to prepare this since the beginning of 2019. Please show it a lot of love. (–) (__) (–) 😄”— RM

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