The New Spokesperson For The Local Instant Noodle Company “Jin Ramen” is BTS’ Jin

One of Ottogi’s most popular products on the market, Jin Ramen, now has a member of the legendary K-pop group as its face. The well-known instant noodle company originally hinted to the planned collaboration on Instagram by including a purple heart, a symbol of devotion for the ARMY (BTS fanbase). According to noodle manufacturer Ottogi on Wednesday, a television ad featuring Jin will start airing on Friday. It claimed that Jin was chosen as its model because, like Jin Ramen, Jin is truthful when it comes to taste. “Finally, our genuineness came through,” reads its tagline.

In a 2016 video uploaded to BTS’s official YouTube channel, Jin previously expressed his desire to work as a model for Jin Ramen. It is Jin’s desire to someday become the model for this ramen, he tells his fellow BTS members while eating Jin Ramen in the YouTube clip.

In the future, Ottogi stated that it hoped to “build synergy” with Jin.

“We aim to successfully communicate the value of our brand in front of our 35th anniversary next year, and we also expect that having Jin as our new model will help our efforts in both local and international markets. Jin has made a huge global impact as a global artist and a member of BTS.” Ottogi

One of the first Korean brands of instant soup noodles was Jin Ramen. 1988 saw the initial release of it.


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