Japanese Singer Fujii Kaze Reposted BTS SUGA’s Picture On Instagram Raising Speculation of a Possible Collab?

“BTS’ SUGA, posted a new instagram photo that had fans worldwide swooning over his long curly hair. A while later Japanese singer Fujii Kaze reposted Pictureon his Instagram account.Looks like SUGA is recreating the album covers from Fujii Kaze, a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician. Now fans are noticing that Suga may have been recreating the look of the Japanese singer since he has a similar hairstyle look on his album, “Help Ever Hurt Never” this could just be a coincidence but nothing BTS ever does is coincidental.

Before Pharell William’s upcoming collab with BTS was revealed, RM kept posting gifts that he was receiving from Pharell and soon after, the interview with Pharell happened and news of their collaboration. Only time will tell whether we can have a new collaoration soon or an appearance since the Japanese singer allegedly has an upcoming concert.

That may not only be the reason for the speculation for a possible collaboration. SUGA was in Japan to watch the NBA match for the Warriors where he met Sephen Curry and other NBA players. It is very possible that while there he might had attended t other engagemntesnt like say, record a song or produce a some for the artist? the possibilities are too tempting not to consider

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