BTS’ SUGA Just About Destroyed The Internet With His Latest Instagram Post!

“BTS’ SUGA is lighting the gram on fire as he has shared a black and white selca showing off his glorious mane. His soft fluffy and curly hair is making the entire internet go gaga over his hairstyle. Fans love eit when the BTS members grow out their hair long. So many fan edits have been made with the members having long hair that fans are more than excited to see them come to life. ARMY s have been loving SUGA’s long hair lately and he just had to add another photo for their collection.

Fans are now reacting and screaming that all scissor shsould be kept away from BTS’ stylists. No one wants to see that long luscious hair go any time soon! As a result, “HIS HAIR” is trending with over 44k tweets, “MIN YOONGI” with over 60k tweets, “SUGA” with over 50k tweets, “YOONGIS” with 2.1k tweets and “agustd” has joined the chat with 3.3k tweets.

SUGA’s hair evolution has come from far


The reactions ragnge from awe, sta struck! shocked (the good kind) to fear the his hair might be chopped off

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