BTS’ RM Goes Viral For His First Ever Live Performance of “Sexy Nukim” With Balming Tiger

“4.6 million views on Twitter. Fans are loving the new fancam of BTS’ RM performing while dancing seductively to the song “Balming Tiger” that he collaborated with Balming Tiger. RM performed “Sexy Nukim” at Love Your W event by W Korea.

The song was released a few months ago, topping iTunes chart and attaining the top spot on Billboard Digital Songs Sales chart.

The clip was shared on Twitter and has been viewed over 4.6 million times with over 100k likes

The fancam focus of RM is not only trending on Twitter but, Instagram, TikTok and other social media sites

Fans are more so appreciating the fancam as it is a kind of distraction from Jin’s live concert of his song “The Astronaut” the performance was impressive and as he hugged Coldplay’s Chris Martin, it felt like a goodbye to ARMYs. Today was a bitter sweet day.

Of course j-hope was his hype man, dancing and taking videos and photos of RM performing

The reactions are of course hilarious, as it has become fans’ coping mechanism whenwvee there’s sad or upsetting news

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