BTS’ Jin Apologized to Argentinian ARMYs For Being Unable to Greet Them at The Airport

“BTS’ Jin travelled to Argentina to prepare for the performance he will have with Coldplay to debut his new solo single “Astronaut” He gave fans an update that he had arrives safely in Argentina. He then went ahead an apologized for not being able to meet ARMY at the airport. He explained that he was worried for their safety as there were so many people who had gathered at the airport.

Since it was announced that Jin would be travelling to Argentina, fans in the country have been waiting for Jin’s arrival. It was a frenzy of activity as many came to greet Jin. However due to the high number, it would have been hard for Jin to travel through the airport as fans would want to interact with him.

Safety is always first to BTS as they always caution fans even at concerts to be careful and not push and pull for their own safety. It is understandable that Jin would worry about them unintentionally hurting each other or being uncomfortable trying to reach him. He wrote on Weverse and said,

“I’ve arrived safely and well in Argentina I’m sorry to everyone who was at the airportㅠㅠ there were too many people gathered so I was unable to exit through there in case all of you might get hurt I wanted to make sure to see you, I’m sorry. if it’s possible, it would be really nice if I can see you at the concert” Jin

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