You Can Never Replicate Greatness, There’s No “Next BTS” or “Like BTS” BTS is BTS

“There’s no ” like BTS” “Next BTS” every artist is unique and deserves to be respected as so. Trying to recreate something that took years of literal blood, sweat and tears is an ambition that is only leading up to failure at best. It’s about time people ‘the industry’ realized that there’s no formula that made BTS, BTS made their own path by being true to themselves and working like their life depended on it, and it mostly did. BTS have grown into who and what they are today.

Their massive following is not out of frenzy but the need to be associated with something positive, something meaningful, something true, tangible and pure. Being able to be yourself despite the issues around yourself. BTS have taught so much even without knowing it themselves. They have made music something that’s meaningful and tangible.

Article talking about looking for the next BTS

It is not even about being a fan that is why you’d defend and place value on a band that still holds to the values of being humble, working hard, not giving less than 100%, admiring mistakes, learning from them and learning. BTS have a sense of family value, you feel like you belong to something greater than yourself, something worth defending to the core.

BTS love fully and limitlessly. The love and defense they have shown towards ARMY (BTS’ fans) cannot even be quatified. Their love for music, and great music at that, is what makes their art incredible. Lyrics are not meaningless drabbles or without message.

BTS has influenced strangers to come together for the greater good. Millions of people from different parts of the world came together and donated 1 million dollars after the members have their support to the cause. ARMY has been involved in thousands of projects worldwide, touching lives because they see an example of being an empathetic human being.

American artist, Halsey spoke and said that if fans of other artists did what ARMY did, the world would really be a better place. Fans give out of selflessness because they see their idols care for strangers.

BTS themselves don’t have the formula for their immense success and the size of their fandom, they were and still are, “a boy who just loves music” their founder Bang Si-hyuk, admitted he does not know how BTS came to be who they are, there’s no process or formula for that. BTS just genuinely gelled together and loved each other through their pains and joys.

Now how would you even try and replicate that?

No one should strive to be the “NEXT” someone, be yourself and the rest will work itself out

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