Here’s Why “T FOR LIFE” Is Currently Trending Worldwide After BTS’ Enlistment News

“For those who are wondering why the hell “T FOR LIFE” is currently trending, here’s the T (pun intended) There’s a famous saying among ARMYs whenever we want to plead allegiance to BTS. “I’m IN THIS BANGTAN SHIT FOR LIFE!” BTS announced that Jin will be the first member to join the military at the end of this year and then all the other members will join differently and after serving they will meet as BTS in 2025! After the news was revealed, there have been a lot of reactions on twitter, sadness, pride but mostly ARMYs promising that they will wait for BTS.

I’m IN THIS BANGTAN SHIT FOR LIFE, grounds everything that is ARMY’s love for BTS, that no matter what, BTS is the number one priority for ARMY in terms of support for their works and projects will be.

As BTS will be going away to serve, ARMYs are promising that BTS is it for them and they will be patiently waiting for the return on Bangtan 7 in 2025. ARMY is going nowhere. It is not going g to be silence until they boys reunite, it will be a long term preparation for when BTS is finally back as 7 in 2025.

I posted this in August this year and it still holds true! I’m in this BANGTAN SHIT FOR LIFE!

Other trends include, “IM CRYING” “I JUST WOKE UP” BTS and ARMY” “ARMY and BTS”, “SEE YOU IN 2025” “apobangpo” which means (BTS and ARMY Forever), “TRUST BTS”, “ForeverWithbts”

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