BTS V’s Red Mic Era Kicked Off After Years Of Using The Same Color

“Fans were pleasantly surprised when they saw V with a new colored Mic, a Red One. He was first seen with the new Mic during the Fact Music Awards. V was the member who had maintained his original color of microphones for a long time, even when the others blinged theirs out. His green Mic had been so synonymous with him that new fans recognized him because of the green Microphone.

BTS’ misrophone’s before changing what they have now

V has used a grey microphone in some live performances but still went back to his green Microphone.

V’s Red Mic era has began

V at The Fact Music Awards

V at Busan Concert

Down memory lane with V’s Green Mic

This new chapter is one to look out for as there are many surprises on the way. The Busan concert was just the beginning, because the best moment is “YET TO COME” Will he keep it for good or get back to his green one? Only time will tell! But he looks hot in the red one!

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