BTS’ Jin Hints His Album May Be Dropping Sooner Than We Thought in Latest Weverse Post

“BTS’ Jin took to Weverse to thank ARMYS for coming to the concert. He revealed that he had fun, choked up, cried, laughed but loved every moment of it. He also said that he missed the fans and that he would meet them once again on Weverse on the day of the album release. Since BTS is not releasing any new album soon, it can only mean that he is talking about his own album.

Everyone, I had a lot, a lot of fun todayI’m so happy that my life is with youI was nervous too, I smiled too, I cried too..I am very happy for the concert. It’s been a few hours since the concert, but I already miss youI have a lot to talk about in the future. See you on Weverse Live on the day of the album release 💜 Everybody go home carefully” Jin on Weverse

In his acceptance speech at the The Fact Music Awards for winning the Individual award, he said that he would work more on his music. He recently flew to the US on a personal solo schedule so that also points to him working on his album. During their FESTA he had said that since the other members were already working on their own albums, his would be last.

His latest post may just be a hint that the plans might have changed and he will release his album any time soon. We are all so excited and cannot wait for “Silver Voice” Seokjin to drop his ablum that will definitely be record breaking and carefully crafted with his own personality and vocal ranges.

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