BTS Finally Performed “RUN BTS!” at Busan Concert, It Was Everything & More ARMY Waited For

“When BTS first released the song, “RUN BTS! as one of the 3 original songs on their anthology album “Proof” fans were obsessed with the song. The song even debuted highly in the hot 100 chart and had amazing first day streams on its first day. Many fans were excited and expected a performance or even promotion with the song.

But BTS later announced that they would be focusing on solo projects before coming back together as a group.

RM even mentioned that they wanted to perform the song when they were on a more exciting form and better condition. He let slip that the choreography was being worked on. Since the members have been doing solo engagements there was never a set time that fans expected the song would be performed.

BTS surprised fans by performing “RUN BTS!” at the beginning of the concert and it was HOT! The choreography was insanely powerful, seductive, intricate and highly energetic! The song was the second one performed after MIC Drop, soon as the concert began. After watching the performance I understand why! That performance shook the entire venue, it was that powerful and highly charged!

Watch the full performance below!

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