And Once Again ARMYs Long Wait for “Louder than Bombs” Live Performance Continues As Busan Concert Ends

“Is it even a BTS concert if “Louder than Bombs” is not trending? It is now a constant with BTS performances where fans would love for the members to perform, certain songs, and by certain songs, I mean “Louder than Bombs,” the song is from BTS’ album “Map Of The Soul:7” Fans have been hoping, praying, pleading, bribing the members with sweet words ;), wishing, that BTS would have a live performace of the song, its’ now a given at every revelation that BTS will have a concert.

They have always requested it whenever Jung Kook does his Lives and Namjoon has spoken about it after seeing it in the comments on one of his lives as well. He said that the song is a hard one to sing.

The members were shocked that it was one of the most requested songs by fans world wide. Namjoon, we are still waiting for you to perform it offline, remember we have receipts of you saying it and members agreeing!

The Busan concert was the most awaited event of the year and fans were still waiting for “Louder than Bombs” The concert started and up to the end there were whose still kept the faith and waited, even as BTS gave their ending speeches, they waited and once again, no “Louder than Bombs” But fans are still hopeful that one day, their long cry for “Louder than Bombs” will be loudly heard by BTS and they will perform it live.

In a poll ARMY even chose “Louder than Bombs” as the top 3 songs they would love to listen to

As we wait, we might as well listen to the beautiful and meaningful song

And they kept hoping

It has been a while since this tweet appeared

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