Kenyan BTS ARMYs Donates to Children’s Home To Honor Jimin’s Birthday

“BTS are truly the epitome of being a good human. They have not only inspired and touched the world through their incredible music, but they have given to the less priviledged by donating to organizations and institutions that help the needy. All BTS members have always donated during their birthday or during disasters of to lend a hand to a worthy cause.

Their philanthropy has inspired fans worldwide to pull together resources, time, tangible goods and services to help others, they have built a hospital, planted trees, donated pet food, the list is endless.

Today being Jimin’s birthday, the gifting of Jimin for his birthday has included many philanthropic initiatives. Kenyan ARMYs through Jimin’s large fanbase, “Jimin Kenya” have pooled together approximately ($239 / Ksh 29,000) in cash and have donated to the  SOS Children’s Villages Kenya.

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