BTS Members’ Special Birthday Wishes for Jimin in 2022 are Truly Heartwarming

“It’s another year, another birthday, another birthday wish to a BTS member by his brothers. Today 13th October is Jimin’s birthday and the members have been wishing him a happy birthday on their official social media channels and personal instagram account. j-hope posted on both Twitter (a series of photos and short video clips) and Instagram, Jung Kook had a video clip on Weverse wishing Jimin happy birthday, RM and V posted on Instagram and Jin posted on Weverse.

j-hope twitter

i love you my dongseng happy birthday LoveU my dongseng #JIMINDAY #JiminOurPride #/Jimin Happy 28th Birthday

our jiminie always keeps a smile on his face!!!!#/Jimin Lovely Cutie Sexy #/Jimin Slime TaengTaeng Jealous of His Skin #/Will Lay a Red Carpet When Jimin Comes to His Hometown Busan #/The World is Brighter after Jimin Came

our jjyahmanie.. yoga.. i want to stop uploading but why is my photo gallery.. filled with you… happy birthday loveu loveu loveu #/Hoping Jimin Will Be Happy I Love You I Love You #jiminie #/I Want to Swim Because I’m Submerged in Jimin’s Charms



@/j.m saeng-il chooka poka*

Jin on Weverse

“jimin, hbd”

🐹 i already congratulated him separately before but if i didnt officially post anything people might say we’re on bad terms so i urgently posted
we’re on good terms, really food terms

🐹 even if somebody doesnt post, still good terms!!!!!

V on Instagram

@/j.m happy birthday 😏


happy birthday jwaman youll spend your birthday week in busan i see hahahahahahaa hapbirth! #ItsSugaHyung #HappyBirthday #HappyBirthdayJimin #HappyJiminDay

Jung Kook

“짜만, Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Bro!”

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