BTS’ SUGA Has Unofficially Aquired A New Nickname “little cat rapper” Now Trending With Hilarous Memes

“Every member of BTS has severalnicknames depending on an evenyt, somethung they did, how they look and just for existing. So far SUGA, BTS main rapper is the memberr with the most nicknames. Fans have been calling him “lil meow meow” because he cutely reminds them of a cute cat. They have been driving the “Yoongi cat agenda” that both BTS editors and SUGA himself have ambraced that nickname. For his birthday he even had a cat theme in his birthday deco, from the cat shaped birthfday cake to the cat themes pillows. He is no longer denying his nickname and has fully embraced it.

SUGA’s birthday cake and deco with cat theme

A comment from a fan has now added to the list of SUGA’s nickname. The ARMY wrote on his twitter that, “Not my dad calling me to say ” wish you were home rn so we could watch my 🏀 game and your little cat rapper together” and immediately “little cat rapper” began to trend and is now another nickname that SUGA can add to his list of nicknames form his adoring fans. The post has 69.8k likes already. The fan even stated that they have been calling SUGA that nickname for the longest time and they eveb hanev more nicknames for the incredibly talented producer and rapper.

The origin of the nickname

The nickname trending

the reactions are just…

the memes are totally creative

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