BTS’ SUGA Watched The NBA Game Live & Received Unreleased Game-worn Shoes From Stephen Curry

“The world cannot get enough of SUGA as he watches the basketball game in Japan. As soon as he stepped on the basketball court and met some players from “Warriors” he was the talk of the town. NBA shared pictures and clips of SUGA enjoying the game live. SUGA, an avid fan of basketball has received a second gift from Stephen Curry.

SUGA enjoying the game

When they met, they exchanged signed gifts, Curry got a signed copy of BTS’ “Proof” album while SUGA received a signed jersey from the NBA player.

Game-worn shoes are such a big deal in basketball, a single pair can usually go over 50k USD at auction and the shoes that Stephen Curry gifted to SUGA is an unreleased pair from his collection

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