BTS’ SUGA Currently Trending With Over 1.04 Million Twitter Mentions While #SUGAatNBAJapan was #1 Most Tweeted Hashtag!

“BTS’ SUGA is still trening over 24 hours later after pics of him meeting the “Warriors” NBA basketball players. SUGA is currently in Japan and he is supposedly gouing to watch the matches that will be happening. Fans have been excited seeing SUGA meet the basketball greats as he himself is an avid basketball fan. He played in high school and during Korea’s Idols championship games. Many official NBA accounts shared the photos and clips and they have been gong viral as fans celebrate the rapper being able to enjoy a sport that is close to his heart.

Fans trended #SUGAatNBAJapan which became the most tweeted hashtag in the last 24 hours.

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