BTS’ SUGA Became The First K-Pop Solo Act in Spotify History To Surpass 2 BILLION Streams Across His Solo Discography

“BTS’ SUGA surpassed 2 BILLION streams across his solo discography on Spotify under SUGA, AgustD plus his solo songs under BTS. SUGA becomes the first and only Korean/K-pop Soloist to surpass 2 billion streams across all credits on Spotify! Whether you call him MIN YOONGI, SUGA or AGUST D this man successful and setting bars too high under this 3 name as an artist, singer, rapper, lyricist, producer, dancer. He’s also 9th Korean act and 6th Korean male act to achieve this milestone.

Some of SUGA’s collaborations with other artists include Suran’s “Wine,” which took home the Best Soul/R&B Track of the Year award at the 2017 Melon Music Awards, Lee So-“Song ra’s Request,” in which he also appeared, the co-produced “Eternal Sunshine ((새벽에))” from Epik High’s Sleepless in EP (2019), and Psy’s “That That,” which he co-wrote, co-composed, co- SUGA was elevated to a full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) in January 2018. As of 2022, KOMCA has given him writing and composition credit for 147 songs.

SUGA joined BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK, TXT, Stray Kids, EXO, SEVENTEEN and Red Velvet as the only Korean artists surpassing 2 billion streams. SUGA is the only soloist in that list. Congratulations SUGA!

Songs SUGA has been credited for, for either writting or producing include:

“134340” (BTS), “140503 at dawn” (Agust D), “24/7=Heaven” (BTS), “28” (Agust D), “2nd Grade” (BTS), “724148” (Agust D), “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone” (BTS), “Adult Child”  (BTS), “Airplane Pt. 2” (BTS), “All Night” BTS feat. Juice Wrld, “Anpanman” (BTS), “Answer: Love Myself” (BTS), “Attack on Bangtan” (BTS), “Attack on Bangtan” (Japanese version) (BTS), “Best of Me” (BTS), “Best of Me” (Japanese ver.) (BTS), “Blanket Kick” (BTS), “Blood Sweat & Tears” ( BTS), “Blood Sweat & Tears” (Japanese ver.) (BTS)

“Blue & Grey” (BTS), “Blueberry Eyes”  (MAX), “Born Singer” (BTS), “Boy In Luv”  (BTS), “Boy In Luv” (Demo version) (BTS), “Boy In Luv” (Japanese version) (BTS), “Boy with Luv” (BTS feat. Halsey), “Boyz with Fun” (BTS), “Boyz with Fun” (Demo ver.) (BTS), “Boyz with Fun” (Japanese ver.) (BTS), “BTS Cypher Pt. 1” (BTS), “BTS Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych” (BTS),

“BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer” (BTS), “BTS Cypher Pt. 4″ (BTS)”Burn It” (Agust D) (MAX), “Butterfly” (BTS), “Butterfly” (Alternative Mix) (BTS), “Butterfly” (Japanese ver.) (BTS), “Coffee” (BTS), “Converse High” (BTS),  “Could You Turn off Your Cellphone?” (BTS), “Daechwita” (Agust D), “Danger” (BTS), “Danger” (Japanese version)” (BTS), “Ddaeng” (BTS), “Dead Leaves” (BTS), “Dear my friend” (Agust D)(Kim Jong Wan), “Dionysus” (BTS), “Dis-ease” (BTS), “DNA” (BTS), “DNA” (Japanese ver.)  (BTS), “DNA” (Pedal 2 LA Mix) (BTS), “Dope” (BTS), “Dope” (Japanese ver.) (BTS),

“Eight” (IU),  “Epilogue: Young Forever” (BTS), “Epilogue: Young Forever” (Japanese ver.) (BTS), “Fire” (BTS), “Fire” (Japanese ver.) (BTS), “First Love” (BTS), “Fly to My Room” (BTS), “For You” (BTS), “For Youth” (BTS), “Girl of My Dreams” (Juice Wrld), “Give It To Me” (Agust D), “Good Day” (BTS), “Hip Hop Phile” (BTS), “Hold Me Tight” (BTS), “Home” (BTS), “Honsool” (Agust D),  “I Like It” (BTS), “I Like It” (Japanese version) (BTS), “I Like It” (Slow Jam Remix) (BTS), “I Like It Pt. 2” (BTS), “I Need U” (BTS), “I Need U” (Demo ver.) (BTS), “I Need U” (Japanese ver.)  (BTS), “I’m Fine” (BTS), “If I Ruled the World” (BTS), “In the Soop” (BTS)

“Interlude; Dream, Reality” (Agust D), “Interlude: Set me free” (Agust D), “Interlude: Shadow” (BTS), “Interlude: Wings” (BTS), “Intro: Dt sugA”  (Agust D) (DJ Friz), “Intro: Never Mind” (BTS), “Intro: Ringwanderung” (BTS), “Intro: Skool Luv Affair” (BTS), “Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” (BTS), “Introduction: Youth” (BTS), “Jump” (BTS), “Jump” (Demo Version) (BTS), “Jump” (Japanese version) (BTS), “Just One Day” (BTS)

“Just One Day” (extended Japanese version)(BTS), “Let Me Know” (BTS), “Life Goes On” (BTS), “Look Here” (BTS), “Louder Than Bombs” (BTS), “Love Is Not Over” (Full Length Edition)         9BTS), “Love Maze” (BTS), “Ma City” (BTS), “Magic Shop” (BTS), “Make It Right” (BTS), “Mikrokosmos” (BTS), “Miss Right” (BTS), “Moonlight” (Agust D), “Moving On” (BTS)           

“My Universe” (Coldplay x BTS), “My Universe” (SUGA’s Remix) (Coldplay x BTS),                 “N.O” (BTS), “N.O.” (Japanese version) (BTS), “No More Dream” (BTS), “No More Dream” (Japanese version) (BTS), “On” (BTS), “On” (BTS feat. Sia), “Otsukare” (Suga & J-Hope), “Outro: Circle Room Cypher” (BTS), “Outro: Her” (BTS), “Outro: Tear” (BTS), “Outro: Wings” (BTS), “Paradise” (BTS), “Path” (BTS), “People” (Agust D), “Pied Piper” (BTS), “Rain” (BTS),                “Respect” (BTS)

“Run” ( BTS), “Run” (Alternative Mix) (BTS), “Run” (Ballad Mix) (BTS), “Run” (Japanese ver.) (BTS), “Run BTS” (BTS), “Satoori Rap” (BTS), “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) [BTS Remix]” (BTS), “Save Me” (BTS), “Save Me” (Japanese ver.) (BTS), “Sea” (BTS)

“Seesaw” (Demo Version) (BTS), “Seesaw X I NEED U” (Remix) (BTS), “Skit” (Agust D), “So Far Away” (Agust D), “So What” (BTS), “Song Request” SUGA (Lee So-ra, Tablo), “Spine Breaker” (BTS), “Spring Day” (BTS), “Spring Day” (Brit Rock Remix) (BTS), “Spring Day” (Japanese ver.) (BTS), “Stay Alive” (Jungkook), “Strange” (Agust D), “Suga’s Interlude” (Halsey), “Telepathy” (BTS), “That That” (Psy), “The Last” (Agust D), “The Stars” (BTS), “Tomorrow” (BTS)

“Tony Montana” (Agust D), “Tony Montana” (Agust D), “Trivia 轉: Seesaw” (BTS), “Two! Three! (Still Wishing For Better Days)” (BTS), “Ugh!” (BTS), “Wake Up” (BTS), “War of Hormone” (BTS), “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” (BTS), “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” (BTS), “We Don’t Talk Together” (Heize feat. Giriboy), “We On” (BTS), “Whalien 52” (BTS), “What Do You Think?” (Agust D), “Where Did You Come From?” (BTS), “Wishing on a Star” (BTS), “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” (BTS), “You” (ØMI)

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