BTS’ SUGA Met Stephen Curry, Draymond Green Among Other Great “Warriors” NBA Players While in Japan

“BTS’ SUGA travelled to Japan recently and fans were not aware of the personal schedule that he was travelling to Japan for. Now we can finally know one of the reasons he travelled to Japan. SUGA recently shared a photo of him holding a “Warriors” jersy custom made with his name on it. Now NBA is sharing photos and clips of SUGA meting some of the “Warriors”NBA playaers. He took pictures with Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, also met NBA star Stephen Curry whom they exchanged gifts, SUGA got a signed jersy from Curry why the NBA player got a signed copy of BTS’ album, “Proof” In their little exchange, Stephen gushed how his family are a fan of BTS


“Very nice to meet you. Big fan obviously so are my kids and everybody in my family man. It’s great to meet you.” Stephen Curry to Yoongi


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