“Golden Guardians” Caught in 4K Admitting BTS’ V Is Their Bias & With Photcards to Prove It! Plus They’re fanboying Over SUGA

“BTS’ SUGA posted a photo on their official Twitter account flaunting a custom made Golden State Warriors jersey which has his name “SUGA” emblazoned on it and the Warriors retweeted it! Among the many comments under the retweet is The Golden Guardians who are an American esports organization owned by the Golden State Warriors.

The organization was one of four that joined the League of Legends Championship Series in 2018 after the league began franchising.

The Golden Guardians responded by writing that “We heard he likes league of legends too” followed by a meme tweet of Jimin and jhope with the text “omg, a hit tweet”

And then they started wildin’ it out with ARMY, showing off the photocards they have of SUGA first and then V’s photocards which were more. Only answering with a shy emoji/shocked when asked is V was their bias, if that isn’t a confession…


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