BTS’ Jimin Currently Causing Internet Meltdown With 1.15 Million Twitter Mentions, Here’s The Cause Of The Meltdown

“BTS Jimin’s the third member to release their series of Special “8 Photo-Folio” Jimin’s “Me, Myself, and Jimin ‘ID: Chaos’” Special 8 Photo-Folio Preview Photos just dropped together with the video of the collection and fans cannot get enough of the photos and video clip. For his collection, Jimin went with the classic alluring black and white theme portraying sides of him that he said he wants to show more of. The pictorials are both artistic, wild, yet classic, gothic, just extremely hot and sizzling. Jimin is serving looks as expected of his expertise in flirting with the camera.

Jimin came up with the whole concept, giving you an idea of how creative and out of the box he thinks. He was involved in everything, from the styling, color theme and even concept. Jimin is a fashion icon and very artistic, it is so easy to see why the world loves his concept photos and clips. His mind in truly amazing!

The process of the concept


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