WATCH” Goal of the Century x BTS | Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.) Official Music Video

“The full version of BTS’ “Yet to Come” Hyundai version music video has been released! About BTS being ambasadeors in the campaign, “As one of the most influential global artists in the world, BTS and their music greatly influence our society to develop in a positive direction. Through the World Cup campaign with BTS, we hope to create an opportunity for people all over the world to unite towards one goal of sustainability and cheer each other up.” Jaehoon Chang, Hyundai Motor Company president/CEO

Why have you joined Team Century?

SUGA: “BTS has become a member of Team Century to help achieve a sustainable world together with Hyundai and the whole world.”

Jin: “Creating a sustainable world is no longer just a task for any one person. It’s the goal of the century that everyone can achieve in solidarity.”

Jimin: “We want to show you a lot more to achieve Goal of the Century with Hyundai and Team Century members, please look forward to what’s coming.”

What’s your goal when it comes to scoring the Goal of the Century: A united world for sustainability?

j-hope: “Isn’t that everyone’s hope? Hope makes us dream, but these days, hope seems to be gradually losing its light around the world. Tomorrow’s dream is often the driving force to live today. It is our Goal of the Century that allows future generations to dream and live today.”

RM: “I love growing plants. My goal of the century is to pass on the green forest, the environment, and the earth to the next generation. Just as I enjoy and take pleasure in the earth, I want to share beautiful nature with the next generation. That’s my Goal of the Century.”

How do you feel about participating in Hyundai’s FIFA World Cup™ campaign?

V: “I’m excited with the idea of solidarity for sustainability which is the core of Hyundai’s FIFA World Cup™ campaign. When you think of FIFA World Cup™, solidarity comes to your mind as the whole world becomes one. So for this project, we’ll do our best to show and bring out BTS’s own unique solidarity.”

Jung Kook: “It’s an honor to join the meaningful project of Hyundai, and I’m excited to be teamed up with captain Gerrard. We’d like to play our roles to help people unite for the Goal of the Century, we’ll do our best! ”

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