BTS’ Jimin Confirms He Has More Moon Tattoos & They’re Based on An ARMY’s FanArt

“One artistic ARMY is living his best life as his fan art of Jimin will be etched on the BTS members back for life. Jimin recently held a VLive and talked with fans about several topics. He then revealed that he has more moon tattoos on his back. Earlier in the year, fans had speculated that Jimin had a full phase moon tattoos. And now they do not have to guess anymore since Jimin has revealed he has four moon tattoos on his back. The most surprising of this news was that he got the inspiration from a fan art that he was shown by one of the members.

He held out the picture of the fanart from where he got the inspiration from. He said

This is the fanart that I was shown. I thought, “Wow, this is so pretty, it’s drawn so well.” And I went ahead and did the tattoo like this. At first, I just had one but now I have five moons up on my back. That’s what happened. I want to show them to you all, but to show you is a bit… difficult. I don’t have a picture of it.” Jimin

This is the original author of the art


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