Does BTS’ V Have His “7” Friendship Tattoo On His Upper Thigh? & Why Is The Internet Breaking Again?

“MAX” American singer who sang a colab with SUGA twice, “Burn It” and “Blueberry Eyes” said that ARMY is CIA, and the fandom keeps proving that every single moment. V is to grace the cover of Vogue Korea and there have been tearser of the photos of the covers and even some pictures of V posing. V is a natural model, he’s proven he can walk the runway and photo shoots are his playground.

One of the pictorials for Vogue magazine is floating around the internet and has set the twittersphere on fire, causing fans to be frantic after someone spotted something that has been a mystery. All the members of BTS said they would get friendship tattoos and after musch discussion, they decided to go with the number 7. So far we have seen RM and j-hope’s, both have it on their ankles, Jimin hashis on his inner finger, Jin has it on the side of his lower back while Jungkook has it behind his ear. SUGA and V’s is still a mystery or maybe not

V shared a picture of his supposed tattoo also the numbers though fans were not sure if it was real or not. So could they have uncovered the true location of V’s “7” tattoo? V is posing seductively on a chair in one of his photo shoot and he’s wearing a short shorts that’s all the way above his thighs. He shared the photos on his Instagram stories. And someone just zoomed in to his thigh where the shorts is and what looks like a “7” is peaking out.

Needless to say V has onece again causes a complete meltdown not just for the hot seductive photoshoot, but the possibility that his tatoo is high up on his thigh ! What to do now!


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