BTS’ Jin and RM In New “MY SOUL SEOUL” Visit Seoul City Ad Campaign

“BTS’ Jin and RM appear in the latest Visit Seoul campaign. BTS have been the ambassadors for the city of Seoul, South Korea for several years. They have been welcoming guests to the city with the many campaigns that they have had. In the latest one Jin and RM are seen enjoying the food in Seochon Village. BTS have brand quality as anything that encounters with them or they mention or are seen in, immediately sells out if a product or service. The places they visit become monuments that fans go and visit.

Their influence is felt and seen so look out for this location to be over flooded with fans wanting to experience what Jin and RM experienced.

In the description, the video is captioned “[12:30 am at Seochon Village] Gourmet Night in Seoul takes RM and Jin by surprise! Seoul is chock full of delicious eats to enjoy even late at night! Get on out there and discover for yourself the soul of Seoul, K-Food!” Visit Seoul


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