BTS’ Jin Wasn’t First To Wish RM Happy Birthday But He Made It Up In His Own Special Way

“BTS’ Jin has always madeit a point to be the first member to wish BTS a happy birthday. And he has kept that record for the longest time. This year he didn’t get the chance to wish RM a birthday wish on their social media as he has travelled to the US. To remedy that he held a live on Weverse Live which he titled “gaming in honour of congratulating namjoons birthday” He is still gaming as this article is being written, it’s 3:26am East African Time.

“I’m out right now after landing from the plane and I havent been able to wish him happy birthday so in honour of his birthday and since I dont have much to do ill play some games” Jin

“from watching youtube I found this game called ‘getting over it with bennett foddy’ and I wanted to play it- oh am I allowed to say it’s youtube it’s probably okay. I came to the us because of some important business” Jin

He invited j-hope for a drink

“this time ill go with jhope let’s have a drink! jhope! jhope!!! ahhhhhhhh” Jin

Some moments during the live


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