A South African Music Channel Under Fans Scrutiny After BTS RM’s Birthday Message Gone Wrong

“TRACE south Africa is under Scrutiny from ARMY after they posted a birthday message for the wrong member. 12th September is BTS RM’s Birthday and the whole world from his fellow members, celebrities and even fans have been sending birthday wishes. The wishes are either words , pictures or video edits. Unfortunately TRACE messed up.

In their video clip for the birthday message, the video plays a clip from BTS’ song “Yet to Come” and a clip of SUGA’s part is playing with the message “Special Day, Kim Namjoon, 12th September 2022″

As soon as fans realized the mistake they have been calling the Twitter account to delete or take the clip down and correct their mistake.

The responses are varied but first a warning 😏

Please delete this before international army sees this…. (You do not want the whole international ARMY crash landing on you for any reason! 🙂)

Namjoon Comes on in the very next scene after Yoongi who you captured here. Thank you for effort though🤜🤛”

All it took was one Google search Trace”

“Why am I seeing this now? This is embarrassing 😭 That’s not Kim Namjoon

“it’s been 12 hours, you were told that it’s the wrong member, you could have deleted the post and uploaded a proper one with Kim Namjoon in it… this is why people don’t take us seriously.”

“This is not Namjoon omg

“A quick google search would’ve taken less than 5 minutes. This is so embarrassing. I don’t mind seeing Yoongi though

what embarrassment is this???? that is not Kim Namjoon DELETE😭”

“Pls kindly delete and repost with Namjoons video/ pic. This is offensive from all angles


Why am I laughing? Is someone losing their job?”

Oh boy 😭💀”

“Can’t wait to see Yoongi’s bday greeting.”

Y’all do realize that is not Kim Namjoon right 🧐😤🧐😤🧐”

“”No ways…”

“THATS NOT KIM NAMJOON😭😭😭😭😭😭 please delete

kim namjoon looks a bit different here idk why”

Bruh u had 1 job🤣🤣


Its #BadDecisions of mistaken identity,maybe add more text ex: “This is a special #SexyNukim gift for you RM from Suga “😅”

Wow this is extremely disrespectful. Im so disappointed in you Trace…Those of us who are genuine ARMY and really want BTS to know that they have an amazing fan base here in Africa are so saddened by this. Rather dont wish any of the members in future shame”

Best Reaction meme


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