Here Are ARMYs 2022 Birthday wishes for Namjoon, Greatest Leader Of All Time

“BTS’ leader Namjoon aka RM has always been the embodiment of comfort. His words and the meanings in his words always give you a reason to want to know more. Over the years through his speeches, messages on social media, during his solo Lives, he always has a word that someone needs. He told fans to use him and BTS to love themselves, He spoke at the UN about self love and acceptance of every person no matter the variable. He understands fans and when he speaks you always feel like he is talking to jut you alone. On his birthday, fans sent him birthday wishes, had projects, cooked, had parties to commemorate the day. But what they did mostly is write just how much RM has ben a great part of their lives in difficult times and happy times. From the over 1.04 million birthday tweets, here are just a few of them.

You can check out the hashtags #HappyRMDay #RMyEntirety #NamjoonStillNamjoon #OurPlanetHasNamjoon #OurArtMuseRM #OurNewHomeRM #OurEternalLeader #JoonieDay2022 #everythingoesWithRM #슬프면_RM사랑하_타자 #파도는_원래_RM색일 to read more of his birthday messages.

“To the person who taught me that “life is not about speed but direction”, that “done is better than perfect”, to the one who truly eroded my edges & changed me into love, I love you more than love itself. Happy bday Joonie, thank you for existing #NAMJOONDAY @BTS_twt

There were those who shared the food and cake they ate to celebrate Namjoon’s birthday

And then there were the beautiful birthday edits


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