“HappyBirthdayNamjoon” Trends Worldwide With Over 1.0 Million Tweets As Fans Celebrate The BTS Rapper’s 2022 Birthday

“It’s officially #NamjoonDAY! For those not acquainted with what this means, every year ARMY (BTS’ fandom) celebrate each of the member’s birthdays. And when that day comes it is usually the member who is celebrating the birthday’s day. Kim Namjoon aka RM, BTS’ rapper and producer is celebrating his birthday today 12th September and fans have been sending dim birthday wishes. He is currently trending under several key word that the fans formed around his name and everything that defines him. #HappyBirthdayNamjoon is the highest trending key word with over 1.02 million tweets and counting. Other keywords trending include:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMJOON #HappyRMDay #RMyEntirety #NamjoonStillNamjoon #OurPlanetHasNamjoon #OurArtMuseRM #NamuDay #OurNewHomeRM #OurEternalLeader #JoonieDay2022 #everythingoesWithRM

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