BTS Members’ Heart Warming Wishes for RM’s 2022 Birthday

“12th September and RM aka Kim Namjoon is celebrating his birthday. BTS always celebrate each other’s big days and today is no different. They all sent birthday messages to RM to celebrate his new year he just added. The members posted on social media, their official twitter account and both j-hope and V posted on j-hope and V posted on their Instagram accounts tagging RM. Here are their cute messages to their leader.


Translation: HB BFF #HappyBirthdayNamjoon#NAMJOONDAY # Namjoon_Is_ARMYs_Sarang (love)_Saram (person)_And_Jarang (pride) -> referencing “trivia: love” lyrics

image description:

1. namjoon standing in front of the white house

2. taehyung & joon’s arms side by side

Translation: nobody but the leader #/Namjoon_IveWaitedForThisDayOnly_HappyBday #/RMHappyBday #/NamjoonsFriendHobi

photo of namjoon and hobi’s legs, showing their matching 7 ankle tattoos


Translation: happy birthday namjoon youve worked hard letโ€™s grow/gain the strength (t/n: cheer up, stay strong, etc) #/ItsSugaHyung #/HappyBirthdayNamjoon #/NAMJOONDAY


Jimin posted a gallery collection of funny pictures of Namjoon


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