BTS’ RM Attending The Final Show Of “&AUDITION – The Howling” In Japan

“BTS’ RM was spotted leaving the airport in south Korean headed to an undisclosed location. But now fans are excited to know that RM went to attend the final show of “&AUDITION – the Howling” in Japan. In attendance was HYBE’s chairman Bang Si-hyuk (Bang PD) “&Audition – The Howling is a Japanese and South Korean reality competition program that follows the formation and debut of the first boy group under Hybe Labels Japan

The official Twitter handle for the programme excitedly announced that RM had arrived in Japan. They wrote,

“BTS RM has arrived in Japan . After this they will run to support The Howling FINAL ROUND Live broadcast on Nipon TV and Hulu from 16:00 today! The debut members have been decided”

Fans shared clips and photos of RM and HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk in attendance


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