BTS Presents “for Tomorrow” A Documentary Teaser By Hyundai & UNDP

“BTS will be presenting a documentary in partnership with Hyundai. In a 2 minute clip, BTS talk about their support for sustainability and even give examples of innovators who turned their sustainable ideas into ways of assisting the community. In 2019, BTS were chosen as the endorsement models for Hyundai’s new SUV, Palisade. The group filmed multiple commercials, ad campaigns and even stepped out from Palisades during the 2019 Grammy Awards. Launching a new dedicated electric vehicle line-up brand, IONIQ, Hyundai Motor Company once again teamed up with BTS to release a record. The new dedicated EV brand focuses on catering to individual and sustainable lifestyles to protect the environment. In launching IONIQ, BTS released a world-exclusive song, “IONIQ: I’m on it”. BTS will also be releasing the song for this year’s World Cup which started with the campaign “Gooooal of the Century

The description under the video stated that,

Presented by BTS, for Tomorrow⁠—The Documentary is the story of grassroots trailblazers dedicated to fighting our planet’s most pressing issues, from climate change to social justice. Their extraordinary ingenuity and resilience reveal the power of grassroots action, but it will take our recognition and support to inspire a global movement. Full documentary available September 16, 2022 Learn more at


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