Here’s Why “SEPTEMBER HUSBAND” Is Currently Trending, Has Everything to Do With Birthday Boy Jung Kook

“The BTS Members have finally come back home to Twitter where the had ‘abandoned’ for what felt like a billion years. And it has everything to go with the birthday boy, Jung Kook. As the members posted their wishes, j-hope has made a phrase trend for including it as a hashtag on hisbirthday wish for Jung Kook. j-hope shared a clip of Jung Kook dancing during his album listening party and wrote a birthday message. One of the hashtags translated read , “September Husband Pick Faster Than Anyone”

j-hope later replied to the tweet

j-hope then hilariously apologized for the hashtag with “sorry for my fault #” and “Just happened lol” with many emojis

ARMYs reactions were hilarious and the phrase wnsed up trending with over 30k Twitter mentions


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