BTS Members’ Beautiful Wishes for Jung Kook’s 2022 Birthday

“Jung Kook’s birthday is here with us and the members have taken to social media to wish the youngest member a happy birthday. Jin was the first to wish him happy birthday on Weverse. The other members wished him birthday wishes of their official Twitter account and some on Instagram. Here are their heartfelt wishes for Jung Kook.


Happy birthday my bruhhh!!! Hope U best day everrrr-your hope- #HappyBirthdayJungkook#HAPPYJKDAY#Cant_Live_Without_Jungkook_So_This_Marks_9years_By_Eachothers_Side (incorporated a 4/์‚ฌ for jk’s 24th birthday) 1. at the white house 2. posing in the hybe hallways

We love your groovyyyy

#jungkookbirthday#Jungkook_ah_Thank_You_For_Being_Born#Racing_To_Claim_My_September_Husband_For_The_Month = a hashtag that trends monthly, with people posting their favorite celebrity/character to claim as their “husband” for the month

#/Jungkook Thank You For Being Born #/September Husband Whoโ€™s Pre-Selected/Picked Quicker Than Anyone Else

Sorry for my fault in my # … #OurYouJungkook#Im_Thankful_That_Jungkook_Is_Next_To_Me#SireJungkook_May_Thou_Be_Healthy_And_Live_Long* #Jungkookie_Must_Be_Happy_No_Matter_What_Okay? [ref to Jungkook’s IG bio/name]

Just happend lol …..


happy birthday to our maknae kkugi have a happy day #ItsSugaHyung #JUNGKOOKDAY #WeathersNice


i wish you a happy birthday dummy jungkook-ssi @/jungkook.97


hey jungkook, happy birthday if you want to hear more specifics/details call me


@ jungkook letโ€™s spar one day @ jungkook letโ€™s spend a healthy and happy year

ig weโ€™re doing @ instead of # now


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