BTS’ j-hope Sends ARMY In a Panic After His Latest Instagram Story Poll

“BTS’ j-hope has ARMYs panicking voting with vogour agter he posted a short clip of him on instsgram with a poll. He wrote, “With my hair, should I, cut it,  leave it” and fans are flocking on his page voting with many opting for the rapper to keep his long hair. There has always been an ARMY saying in tge fandom that “BTS’ stylists should keep the scissors away from the members” This is because fans love and go wild over amy member having long hair.

During his appearancw at Lollapalooza, j-hopes long curly messy hair was a viral topic ans fans have been loving his long hair. Now fans are truly hoping that he decides to keep it though j-hope has not been a fan of long hair. Maybe his fans’ appeals will egg him on to keep it


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