BTS’ “War of Hormone (호르몬 전쟁)” Charts at #1 on Brazil iTunes On Its 8th Anniversary, Here’s Why

“BTS’ “War of Hormone” was released on 20th August 2014 and is celebrating its 8th year anniversary. The concept photos brought out a different side from their their previous albums. The song has some contriversies with some fans and thr gerneral public accusing it as havibg mysogynistic lyrics. BIGHIT (now HYBE) even wrote a statement apologizing to the public. Fast foward to 2022 and Brazilian fans are celebrating its 8th year annivetsary bt charting it at #1 on their iTines, this is because ” for those asking why war of hormones are in #1 it’s  bc kpopies in Brazil said this song its misogyny so we are proving that point blocking her faves from #1 and putting man at the top”

Fanwars aside the majority of fans enjoy War of hormones and even BTS themselves (SUGA) said that while writing the lyrics to tge song, they wer very partucular and intentional of the word stgey used. j-hope added that the song represents what most males in thier teenage or young adulthood eras experience. Enjoy the MV again to celebrate

The rections to the song charting on Brazilian iTunes

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