BTS’ V Surpassed 50 Million Followers on Instagram Becoming Fastest Individual To Achieve The Milestone

“V aka Kim Taehyung (@thv) is now the Fastest Person in history to gain 50 Million Followers on Instagram. He has donw so in 8 months and14 days since he and the rest of the BTS members opened their accounts back on 6th December 2021. V is also the Most Followed Korean Solo Male Act & Actor on the social network platform. He also holds w Guinness World Records as he was fastest to get 1 million and 10 milliom followers. #TaehyungInstagram50M and ICONIC THV 50 MILLION is currently trending as fans celebrate the achievement. He has achieved the several milestones in record times.

1 Million followers _ 43 Minutes

10 Million followers _ 4 Hours 53 Minutes

20 Million followers _ 28 Hours

30 Million followers _ 27 Days

40 Million followers _ 4 Months

50 Million followers _ 8 Months


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