ARMYs Call Out BTS’ Label for Not Doing Enough to Promote Member Jin’s Solo Activities

“ARMY (BTS’ massive fandom) are known to be protective and strongly defensive and of BTS members Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. Whether it be against individuals, corporations, powerful entities or governments and that also includes not being aftraid to call out BIGHIT Music (BTS’ management lable) As soon as HYBE posted a new video titled “[BTS voice letter] some fans noticed that Jin’s voice had not been included in the 3 minute clip.

That brought out several issues about Jin not being included enough in promotions of the members so activities. One fan pointed out that BTS’ official social media channels had not even retweeted Jin’s participation or apearance in the Maple Story series. This is because everyone knows that Jin is a big fan of Maple.

As a result, “WE ARE BY UOUR SIDE JIN” is currently trending with over 46k tweets together with “BTS is 7″,” MAPLER JIN GOES TO WORK,” “Jin’s Voice,” and “HYBE” as fans express their disappoint at the label.


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