The “Marni” Sweater BTS’ Jimin Wore While at Incheon Airport Sold Out on Various Websites

“Jimin’s brand power is unmatched. He is the #1 brand reputation idol and brand king as everything he is seen with immediately goes up in demand, sells out and out of stock. The sweater that the BTS’ vocalist wore when he returned to South Korea immediately went out of stock in all sizes and on different online stores. The Daisy Knit Asymmetrical “Marni” Neck Swearter sold at $714 was immediately out of stock in many online stores.

Jimin sold sold out his entire outfit while in Chicago attending j-hope’s concert at Lollapalooza.

Jimin took over Worldwide trends on Twitter with multiple keywords, as ‘WELCOME HOME JIMIN’ peaked at #7 on twitter and ‘WELCOME BACK JIMIN’ peaked at #16 on the trends.


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