BTS Is Now The First & Only Korean Act In History To Earn Ten Top 10 Hits On Billboard Hot 100

“BTS has achieved another milestone in their career. Their latest song to earn them a top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart makes the the first and only Korean act to have 10 top ten hits on the chart. BTS have achieve a top 10 hit every year since 2018. BTS have cemented their status as being holders of teens like “THE FIRST,” “THE ONLY,” “HISTORY MAKERS,” “RECORD SETTERS,” “RECORD BREAKERS” that it no longer surprises their fans, but surprises everyone else who has not been on their journey.

Whether it is their own songs or collaborations, BTS have shown time and again that their special touch will turn anything into gold. BTS’ top 10 hits include Fake Love (2018), Boy With Luv (2019), ON (2020), Dynamite (2020), Savage Love (Laced Siren Beat) (2020), Life Goes On (2020), Butter (2021), Permission to Dance (2021), My Universe (ft Coldplay) (2021) , Bad Decisions (2022)


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