JungKook’s Latest Pictorial Is Part Of BTS’ New Upcoming Project

“K -media reports that the latest pictorial of Jung kook that was shared on their Twitter handle is part of an upcoming project where each member will have the chance to display their art. Jung Kook’s out-of-focus artistic photo shows Jungkook staring straight at the camera, his hair messy, red eyes, and lips bring out an eerrie yet strong atmosphere. It was reported that Jung Kook participated in the overall work of his pictorial from the planning stage to the concept, which includes the costume, to the props.

Jung Kook, is the first member of BTS to kick off the new project. He selected the concept which has never been seen before and he reinterpreted it in his own style to complete a new, unusual look.

Jung Kook’s pictorial will be released on 1st September which happens to be his birthday. The releases will feature the preview image, and before the release, mood teasers, and concept films. Source


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