From “Wolves” to “Vampires” BTS’ Jung Kook Has Unearthed A Whole Other World Of Fiction In The Fandom

“Just the other day ARMY was welcoming back “Alpha Jimin” to the Twitter app creating wolves memes and pictures. Today ARMY is feral and are running towards or away from “Vampire Jung Kook” and making requests for the BTS vocalist to feature in another installment of “Twilight” It all started when the official BTS Twitter account shared a new photo of Jung Kook that simply had the caption “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook.” Alpha Jimin

The Alpha Jimin very mysterious and alluring photo garnered a hell lot of reactions from fans, stamping Jung Kook’s look in the photo as that of Edward Cullen in the Twilight played by Robert Pattinson. The few words of the caption on the photo and the hashtags leave room for so many interpretations and ARMY is going wild with it . This is not the first time that the BTS members have been associated with Twilight.

V was compared to one of the Cullen brothers, (Jasper Cullen) with edits made of him swinging the bat and hitting the ball like the actor. Jin and Jimin were mentioned by “Twilight’s” official Twitter after they said that Twilight is a fairy tale where wolves are featured.


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