Samsung Unveiled BTS’ New Galaxy Z Flip4 Phone Campaign Where The Phones Come In “Bora Purple”

“The annual Samsung Unpacked event comes with it new phones and phone accessories that feature BTS as they are the phone’s brand ambassadors. BTS Ms Samsung have a long standing partnership and SUGA even recreated the famous “Over The Horizon” Samsung ringtone. This year BTS introduces the new Galaxy Z Flip4, which is now available for pre-order!

The phone comes in four colors, which include “Pink Gold,” “Graphite,” “Blue,” and “Bora Purple,” which is a cute representation of BTS’ iconic color purple which also goes with the “Borahae” translating to “I Purple You.” which band member V coined back in 2016. The color now represents BTS and ARMYs (BTS’ fandom) relationship.

Samsung released new HD photos featuring BTS members, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jung Kook modelig the new products! The “Bora Purple” edition of the Galaxy Z Flip4 fits perfectly in BTS’ hands.

Jung Kook








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