Here’s Why BTS Jimin’s Latest Twitter Update is Filled With “Wolves” Memes & Pictures, Another ARMY Inside Joke?

“BTS ARMYs have been having a BTS Twitter update draught ever since the seven members of Bangtan Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook discovered Instagram. Twitter has been neglected for so long that when Jimin posted for the first time in “100 years” the fandom went feral. Jimin has once again posted on Twitter, a picture of him and music producer Benny Blanco whom together with Jin, V and Jung Kook, they have a collaboration song “Bad Decisions” Now the replies are filled with wolf memes and pictures and some fellow fans are wondering what in BTS world is going on.

Well it began with the last post that Jimin updated on their official Twitter page. The reply that is standing out the most or is the first tweet one can see is that of two wolves with the caption

we are once again reunited, my alpha”

Did BTS see the reply?

Jimin has recently posted and here are some responses under the latest tweet

Its a whole wolves agenda in the replies. Some are taking the joke lightly, some find the memes cringy, while some feel it’s a joke taken too far,

The responses

And then there’s BTS howling😄 we cannot defend you anymore Tannies 😂


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